About us

Welcome to the Wildcat Belgium Online Shopping. We are pleased to unleash our latest array of innovative styles, designs and creations using the latest advances in materials technology to present what is beyond any doubt the greatest selection of body piercing jewellery and associated paraphernalia ever offered.

In keeping with our long established commitement to supply the highest grade body jewellery. We now offer this awesome portfolio at incredibly attractive prices and unrivalled quality. Included in this online shopping are many new biomaterials. Detailed scientific and medical data is provided to validate out material choice. Materials used for the production of items are indicated throughout this document. Whilst acknowledging that no material can be qualified as 100 % safe for all people on the planet, our production sources use only the highest qualitiy materials which have been shown to demonstrate a very low level of biological response (that in most cases are safe to introduce into the body with only a very minimal possibility of biological rejection). Our materials meet, and frequently surpass, the existing industry standards. We do not distribute the toxic garbage being produced in some Asian factories.

Many new and innovative designs and concepts appear on the following pages. Designs are protected by desing rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, including trademarks and regisetred trademarks.

Our new medical steel "IMPLANTANIUM" is only available from The Wildcat Collection. Implantanium is perhaps the most significant advance in piercing technology since the needle. Unlike existing surgical steels, Implantanium is legal for all primary or secondary piercing applications worldwide.

As body piercing continues to develop throughout the world, many unscrupulous and nefarious individuals are becoming associated with body jewellery. Eastern factories are producing toxic contaminants which are subsequently distributed throughout the western markets with no health warning. We know of Korean factories which colour titanium by paint spraying the metal, Thailand factories which distribute items unsafe to introduce into the body and Chinese factories producing brass barbells. None of these items ar to be found in the Widcat range. All our steel items are manufactured in the UK, all titanium in Germany and niobium in the USA. Please avoid purchaising from questionable sources, to preserve the integrity ot the industry. The polluters do not deserve any commercial encourgement or support.

Please consider your order carefully. Except in extremely rare cases of substandard manufacture, a no-returns policy exists on all jewellery. All jewellery supplied is new ans unused. Jewellery is not supplied sterile - it is your responsibility to clean all items before insertion. Similarly, all local legislation issues are the responsibility of the purchase.

Wildcat decline any and all responsibility from any injury arising from any misuse of any product. If you have ANY doubts about the performance af an item, do not purchase.

All measurements given in the catalogue are nominal measurements. Colours shown may vary sligthly from actual received colours.

We hope you enjoy surfing this online shopping, and choosing from the best collection of body jewellery available anywhere in the world. Please spread the word WE ARE THE BIGGEST AND THE BEST!

If you have any further querics please do not hesitate to contact us: email: shopping@wildcat.be